Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 12-15-2010

  • 02:18:40: @ScarletMoonflwr Got tons of Sunstone/Sandstone tonight from Tobiko in Stormriven Hall. (Also 2 Grand Astrolabes)
  • 11:31:21: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away this GORGEOUS Syfy messenger bag to someone who RTs this note by 5pm PT on 12/17 -
  • 11:42:02: I've heard some mighty fine high-end gear can be crafted in Celestia. Anyone have a map to all those recipe vendors?
  • 12:09:53: @nbcstore Giveaways> Woke up to single digits, how about a thermal travel mug? Plenty of hot tea or cocoa to warm up the fans.
  • 12:35:53: Tonight's the @RavenwoodRadio Greenhouse show, right? (gardening study hall?)
  • 12:42:19: RT @nbcstore: RT this B4 9pm est 12.15.10 to enter to win @nbc30rock TGS hoody & S1-3 DVD's. Rules to follow.
  • 12:47:30: @SorceressMiklai Thanks for the link! Thread's subscribed now so I can find it again.
  • 13:19:33: @spiritshade101 I knew you could plant on the stone balcony, but turning the Watchtower into a greenhouse is genius!
  • 13:21:37: @BaronJuJu When a plant first hits Mature it'll give you a "time until harvest". I've harvested a Dandelion a few times before it's Elder.
  • 14:12:07: @LeeHamBalance Cloak of Weighty Grief recipe vendor is in Shoshun Village, Mooshu
  • 17:05:31: @LukeGoldHorn If your backpack was full when you harvested, check your bank for the seeds.
  • 17:09:39: Realized too late I planted my Snap Dragons just a little bit too far from my Venus Fly Traps for them to see & Like each other. D'oh!
  • 17:13:05: @LydiaGreyrose Could we please move our potted plants? It's a bit cold outside for my Baby Carrots without their mittens.
  • 18:50:04: @HeatherRavenWiz In their own houses, or visiting friends' gardens. <g>
  • 18:53:52: @JThundersword When Harvest time=0, just walk up to the plant & it'll say "press X to Harvest". Plants act hyper when they're ready.
  • 18:55:31: @JThundersword Seriously, plants ready to harvest bounce around like you've watered them with espresso. Mega-caffeine bouncy!
  • 21:21:23: Gulwark isn't on my Floating Lands map, any idea where to find him? I want his Water Mole tiki statue big-time.
  • 21:39:42: @AlricRavenwiz Yes, Gahlwok sounds like it. Whoever he is, I can't find his hideout. Anyone seen him?
  • 22:55:08: @mackenzie_fairy Watchtower Hall guide, including recipe locations

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