Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 12-22-2010

  • 11:54:20: @Shadowthistle My "ugh" parts were the Stellarium ice sharks & the ice Pirates guarding Calypso.
  • 12:03:04: @arlendawneyes Legendary Vial> Is that the same one that used to have Time of Legend and a stun spell? Woot Frog indeed!
  • 15:32:02: @FallonDeathWiz My fav's the Prickly Bear Cactus, gives tons of pet snacks & at least 1 seed to replant. Also, used to collect teddy bears.
  • 15:34:21: @HeatherRavenWiz Darn Exploding Gnats, I've had to let a few plants die b/c I couldn't afford to zap 'em.
  • 21:54:41: RT @BlanchardAuthor: If you haven't heard Marco and the Red Granny by @mightymur, you are missing out on some seriously great Sci-fi. ht ...
  • 21:59:02: RT @sesamestreet: Oscar: Us grouches do our part to help the environment - we help save water by not taking baths!

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