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Star Songs

December 24th, 2010

From Twitter 12-23-2010 @ 03:17 am

  • 11:22:29: @SorceressMiklai About time #Wizard101 added a couple more Realms, it's been getting really crowded lately.
  • 11:26:10: @arlendawneyes Max gold got raised to 200,000 with the Gardening update.
  • 11:32:20: @CassDragonHeart @PaigeMoonShade Thanks for catching that, either way I knew it wasn't still 150K.
  • 12:58:43: Are Holidaisies available as drops anywhere? They're super-cute but not Crowns-cute.
  • 13:00:55: @wizard970724 Emperor's Retreat> Don't forget to grab the Scarab for Zeke while you're in there, on the dock at the frozen lake.
  • 13:03:25: @thestormedyouth Flamezilla> I always end up filling Strength last too. Best game for Strength is Gobbler Drop, I'm horrible at it.
  • 15:49:27: @bfrogstone There was a Potbelly for half a second in one of the ads when the Pet Park first opened, but it didn't go live.
  • 17:39:52: @Syfy Q) How did Wrestling ever qualify as science fiction TV, and why is it still there when in-genre shows have been cancelled?
  • 17:43:26: @RogueSorcerer @stevehamner Don't forget my fav, Eureka.
  • 20:21:42: @diaryofawizard Nearly forgot I had a carton of eggnog in the fridge! Thanks for the reminder.
  • 21:27:43: Anyone else having #Wizard101 connection problems? I keep getting dumped out every couple of minutes.

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Star Songs