Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 12-26-2010

  • 00:49:10: @ChristoSky Maybe you can recolor your Fierce Hound at the Dye Shop?
  • 00:56:57: @ChristoSky Anvil's a big Griz station you use for high-end projects like the Watchtower Hall, behind Commons fort thru stone doorway.
  • 00:58:23: @ChristoSky Kinda like the big DS craft station just outside Malistaire's lair, carry your stuff there to use it instead of buying for house
  • 05:12:34: @ChristoSky Yes, it's free, but you may need to be a high enough level crafter to enter the room. (Don't know for sure.)
  • 15:35:12: @ChristoSky @PaigeMoonShade I sold my big MB house to get an open slot for my Watchtower Hall. Not enough yard space.
  • 15:36:09: @MEGALUS If there is a Transmute Stone Block recipe, I never found it.

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