Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 12-27-2010

  • 11:13:01: @thetitanmaster Glad to hear I'm not the only Snuggie fan out there. I just wish it wasn't a dog fur magnet.
  • 11:30:36: @MythspentYouth Love your latest Fair Game article! (Life alt spent 3 hrs killing sharks for 1 of 3 tiles, grumble...)
  • 18:52:13: Last patch notes said Heavy Dining Table could be put in more places. Like Helgrind? I just got 3 in there - 1 from Sand room & 2 from Fire
  • 18:59:03: Was farming Helgrind for a Wooden Rake from the Sand Behemoth, to keep my new Fickle Pickles company. (No clue why Pickles like Rakes.)
  • 20:31:12: @PaigeMoonShade What's this about the Grotto bosses?
  • 20:56:23: @feliciaday Of course the malls are slammed, folks gotta go spend all those gift cards.

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