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Star Songs

December 29th, 2010

From Twitter 12-28-2010 @ 03:16 am

  • 11:45:24: I'm sleep-walking & desperate, but there's not enough Equal in the world to make the 'gourmet' coffee at work taste like anything but nasty!
  • 11:49:15: Note to self: bring my own caffeine supply to work overnight New Year's Eve. (Used to work 3rd shift, but that was 5 years ago.)
  • 11:50:05: @MEGALUS I would say what it tastes like, but this is a family-friendly feed...
  • 12:43:05: @mooncatcher101 @thetitanmaster "Planet Express - Our crew is replaceable, your package isn't."
  • 12:50:45: @HeatherRavenWiz I've gotten snacks from Baby Carrots and occasional Bread Fruit variety harvests (incl Mega-snack from an Elder once)
  • 12:55:06: @mooncatcher101 Just realized I can get Futurama season 5 with the Meijers gift card my Mom sent for Xmas. Yay!
  • 15:47:17: @Deathshard Cloud O'Bugs> No one's submitted it yet. You could be first! http://petnome.pbworks.com/Petnome-Project-Form #petnome
  • 16:22:24: @Deathshard According to Central, Cloud O'Bugs is a Spider Golem talent (rare Kensington drop)
  • 17:11:10: Looks like I'll be Jade Oni farming tonight. *sigh* RT @tdeathgem
    Felix Navidad will be leaving the Spiral on Wednesday December 29th.
  • 17:19:50: @FallonDeathWiz I've gotten the Santa Hat & Boots twice each, a Mint wand & 2 Nutcrackers. Still hoping for the Santa Robe or a pet.
  • 17:21:46: @RogueSorcerer All my holiday drops this Yule have been from the Jade Oni
  • 17:25:34: @RogueSorcerer Come to think of it I've gotten wands, pets & boots for other holidays from Oni too, but never a holiday robe.

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Star Songs