Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 01-04-2011

  • 11:59:22: @PaigeMoonShade @kevbattleblood Hubby says if you target the bottom row with an area-affect spell, it hits all the ones above it.
  • 12:03:56: @ScarletMoonflwr I've done a few dual-box farming runs, balance/life vs the Jade Oni & Death/Ice thru Trial of Spheres.
  • 12:06:29: @kevbattleblood I've floated a single plant w/o a pot before, but no clue how to stack them or go that high.
  • 12:07:41: @MalornShdwflame Did you get the Xmas Elf as a drop or buy him? I'd been hoping to win one somewhere.
  • 12:18:32: @PaigeMoonShade To make a tower, float each layer from the top down?
  • 12:54:35: RT @blastr: Hilarious Star Trek mashup teaches that 'Anger is illogical'
  • 12:59:51: @ChristoSky Six of my wizards share a last name, the one on another account is totally different. I see them as siblings & a cousin.

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