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Star Songs

January 8th, 2011

From Twitter 01-07-2011 @ 03:23 am

  • 01:18:49: @ChristoSky http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futurama - Short version: animated sci-fi series from the creators of the Simpsons.
  • 11:02:08: @Berman14 KISS & Barry Manilow> I would have had them both in my playlists back in high school, if there had been mp3 players then.
  • 13:24:29: @Syfy Syfy News> How about a video (or even audio) podcast?
  • 13:26:57: RT @Syfy: Q) @ChasingRockets When does the new season of #Merlin premier on @Syfy? A) Tonight at 10/9c :)
  • 13:32:43: @Berman14 #podcouple I just got Mannehim Steamroller, Weird Al Yankovic and Trace Adkins back to back to back.
  • 17:23:47: @AlricRavenwiz @HeatherRavenWiz We've got Wildcats here in Kentucky too!
  • 17:36:57: @Berman14 Yep! The 3 C's playlist - country, Christmas & comedy.
  • 17:43:16: @spiritshade101 Ouch! {hugs} I didn't know we could even sell stitched gear at all.
  • 18:30:21: RT @SyfyMovies: RT@dittowizard Q)Any movies in the pipeline using Fabricated actors? like a SyFy original 'Dark Crystal' kind of thing? ...
  • 19:27:02: Just ordered a Wizard 101 calendar from @Zazzle!: http://bit.ly/h5vpWU via @addthis
  • 23:14:42: Will untreated pests spread to nearby plants? If I can't debug (low energy), do I need to dig up infested ones to save the rest?
  • 23:20:48: Multiple patches w/high rank pests, too far apart to hit all with one spell - need at least 3 I think.

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Star Songs