Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 02:33:38: Life alt Olivia dinged 58! Too tired 4 spellquest 2night, but upgraded her outfit. Def need to stitch, not sure to what yet.
  • 11:35:01: @LydiaGreyrose Thanks for the update, Professor, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait! (More realms I hope, Spiral's getting crowded.)
  • 11:37:07: @ChristoSky @thetitanmaster Go Team Snuggie! Best Mother's Day gift I ever got, curl up in it for a quick nap after work.
  • 12:35:51: Relax, folks. The more of us trying over and over to log in all at once, the harder it is on KI's new hardware. Our gardens can wait.
  • 12:37:54: In the meantime, there's @ravenwoodradio and W101 Central and blogs and Youtube vids to keep us occupied.
  • 12:40:10: From my experience, it takes at least 24 hrs ignoring plants before they start wilting, and another 24 for them to die.
  • 12:41:01: I was offline 36 hrs when I was sick, only had 1 plant wilting on 1 wizard of 6.
  • 13:16:50: Main site is back, 50% off your first month for new subscribers thru midnight tonight.
  • 16:10:17: What's the best (fastest) spot for farming Pink Dandelion seeds?

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