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Star Songs

January 15th, 2011

From Twitter 01-14-2011 @ 03:17 am

  • 14:59:02: @LydiaGreyrose Professor, any thoughts on why the Pet Derby has faded away? It's nearly impossible to find opponents for ranked races.
  • 18:22:35: @kevbattleblood Item card Criticals> Odd theory, where'd this one come from? (I suspect it's coincidence, Item cards get used more.)
  • 19:08:56: @yzorah Scanned my Ravelry group icons 1st time in ages, spotted one I didn't remember. This SockTart fan has rediscovered Stringchronicity!
  • 22:09:45: Bored out of my skull. Think I'm just gonna shut down the computer & knit for awhile.

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Star Songs