Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 01-17-2011

  • 01:09:45: @kevbattleblood Found out you can harvest abt 2 crates away in all directions; couldn't reach 3rd tier from the ground.
  • 01:11:33: @kevbattleblood Since I'd removed pots after planting, I floated envelope stairs up the center of the garden tower.
  • 01:14:13: @tdeathgem Can only use pots w/small or med plants, Snapdragons need large so you have to prepare soil w/spells.
  • 15:06:00: I nominate @Wizard101 for a Shorty Award in #gaming because... It's a passion I share with my husband and 'tween sons.
  • 17:25:01: Mixed success with tower gardens. Hardest part is floating plants directly above each other; offset can leave some out of spell range.
  • 17:30:12: 3x9 dandelions (27 total) has several stragglers at corners. 2x9 Pickles (18 plants) gets all w/med sized spell but 2x9 Desparagus missed 3.
  • 17:33:01: Need to replant after work, 1 Bear batch (14) had 13 Elders so far & small Stinkweed patch (9) also went Elder.
  • 17:34:30: Small pots fit in layers of 9 (3x3 grid), med pots fit 7 in a hexagon, inside an 8-energy spell ring.
  • 17:35:44: Don't need whole pots inside the spell ring, as long as centers (where plant meets pot) are inside ring it works.
  • 18:04:57: Anybody know if Dean Darkflame will still drop the Pale Maiden pet after she's pulled from the Crowns Shop?

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