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From Twitter 01-18-2011

  • 01:14:16: @ravenwoodradio Golem Minion is your very best friend. Think of him as a 100% shield that throws out 1-pip spells.
  • 01:16:58: @arlendawneyes For free-floating plants, I used crates with an envelope on top to make steps up the center.
  • 01:18:20: @arlendawneyes Harvest range is roughly 2 plants away in all directions (both horizontal & vertical) from your wizard.
  • 11:21:42: I love the floating garden towers, but they take WAY too long to replant after Elder harvests. (Spent 3 hrs rebuilding 2 last night.)
  • 11:24:42: May have to break down & farm up enough gold for tons of pots to build permanent towers. And move Death alt out of his Mooshu cottage.
  • 12:26:27: @annathepiper Hey Anna! *waves* And yes, I do go on and on about @Wizard101, love the #twizard community here.
  • 12:36:38: @FriendlyNecro I like the new look in your header, kinda mountain man / knight mashup. What gear is that? My guy alts could use updates.
  • 12:48:58: @arlendawneyes CL Armor looks good in brown & black! (I'm wearing the same robe now in blue & turquoise, blue beret & feminine MB boots.)
  • 12:53:12: Rocking out to one of my favorite songs, "Pink Christmas" (an oldie from @thefump)
  • 17:43:52: Look at it from KI's side as a business w/both adults & minors. Credit cards are the only proof they have whether a player is really 18+.
  • 17:49:56: @UltimateDiviner Use CC once> That requires them keeping old ccard info forever, which is likely prohibited by recent credit reform laws.
  • 17:52:59: I can't help but wonder how much of the resistance to losing 18+ chat is actually coming from players over 18?
  • 17:59:47: From one Harvest of my 18-Pickle floating garden: 540 gold, 7 snacks (incl 2 Frosted Drakes), 4 rare reagents (cont)
  • 18:02:59: Pickles are in a 3x3x2 grid, can get them all in a med 8-energy Needs spell.
  • 18:10:50: Fickle Pickles are surprisingly random, they'll harvest a little of everything. Laugh-o-Dils give mainly Shields, Blades from Honey Sickles.
  • 18:13:08: Desparagus = minion buffs, Stinkweed = Poison & Smoke Screens. Dandelions = common reagents, rares from Pink ones.
  • 18:14:37: Bread Fruit drops gold & bread/cookie snacks. Carrot snacks & occasional Diamonds from Baby Carrots. Prickly Bear Cactus = snack fest!
  • 18:16:57: @BaronJuJu *nods* Once or twice, and a bunch of regular Dandelion seeds from Pinks so far. (Have not hit Elder yet.)
  • 18:18:06: @BaronJuJu I've had Deadly Ninja Figs drop a few TCs, and plain (crowns) Ninja Fig seeds.
  • 18:19:54: Frozen Fly Traps dropped Blizzard & Colossus cards, and Iceblade & Ice Trap TCs. Scarecrows & Feints from Deadly Fly Traps.
  • 18:23:41: Shh! Don't tell the #Petnome gang, but I've barely trained at all since Gardening went live. Think I needed the break from minigames.
  • 18:31:09: @LukeGoldHorn 1st doesn't apply. It's their software, they don't have to let players communicate through it at all if they don't want to.
  • 18:33:56: @LukeGoldHorn 1st amendment means you can't get arrested for speaking your opinions, doesn't control methods of speaking.
  • 18:35:14: @LukeGoldHorn Theft and speech are 2 very different things, comparing apples & oranges.
  • 18:40:43: @LukeGoldHorn Owner of private property can set behavior rules for their own house, ask folks breaking the rules to leave. Game=KI's house.
  • 18:43:54: @LukeGoldHorn I'm not upset at all either, just a thought-problem, mental exercise. Sorry if I come across otherwise. *hands Luke a cookie*

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