Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 01-19-2011

  • 00:32:47: @FNHumor comic mention of D*mn You Autocorrect
  • 00:35:07: @Beau_Hindman My Granddad's wife (step-grandmother) is Grams, as I already had 2 Grandmas.
  • 11:23:05: @icywiz Why bother with flu shots when you've got Moolinda Wu & her Life crew for protection spells? (Not that it helped Sylvia...)
  • 11:29:26: @thestormedyouth My fav Minotaur got Myth Proof + 3 stat talents so I can def sympathize w/your Stormcat.
  • 11:33:33: Gonna be a long day. Work program I need's down until some time tomorrow. Probably spending the afternoon doing my taxes. *sigh*
  • 13:11:22: This morning's pickle harvest (same patch as yesterday) included 2 Wraith TCs and a Dryad.
  • 14:56:34: @icywiz I've gotten pest control spells for ranks 1 - 5, all for a large circular area. Each rids pests at or below that spell's lvl.
  • 14:58:58: @icywiz There's one more pest spell you can get at rank 10, controls (I think) up to rank 2 bugs for 48 hours. CL mole trains that one.
  • 17:48:53: @SorceressMiklai I've been having trouble w/those rank 5 Imps on my Deadly Ninja Figs, wondering if they were even worth planting. Grr!
  • 17:51:31: Long boring afternoon, but at least taxes are finished & e-filed for another year.
  • 17:55:24: My tower gardens are all a little out of alignment, keep missing a stray plant or two. Lesson: go higher w/smaller layers to fit spell ring!
  • 18:03:35: @MEGALUS I learned from @kevbattleblood Use area spells (med/large needs) & they hit everything above the ring.
  • 18:05:18: @Moon_Gem Genetics> Maybe they'll take #petnome work for extra credit? ^-^
  • 18:07:25: @MEGALUS You can harvest up to 2 plant-widths away in all directions, so if you go higher you may need to build steps.
  • 18:12:54: @kevbattleblood Re-reading your Gardening posts re: Like range. Are those Large soil plots in your living room? How are they indoors?
  • 18:14:29: @kevbattleblood Related question: Is there any way to float / stack Large plots? Breadfruit tower would be handy.
  • 18:18:23: @MEGALUS Yep, floating plants do work - I've got a few stacked gardens.
  • 18:20:14: @MEGALUS <- Includes Kev's how-to for floating plants

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