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Star Songs

January 21st, 2011

From Twitter 01-20-2011 @ 03:17 am

  • 02:33:14: Thx to weeklong insomnia, fell asleep for an hour watching TV after work. So of course I'm wide awake way too late yet again tonight.
  • 12:22:13: @Beau_Hindman iPhone fix> Sounds kinda like my hubby, always ordering parts to fix our kids' Nintendo DS units. Surprisingly fragile.
  • 12:26:31: Belgrim, if you're out there reading this, thanks for the Bartleby TC pack! Sorry I had to run out on you to catch my bus.
  • 12:28:46: @Beau_Hindman We just sent 1 DS back to Nintendo to fix touchscreen (yay 1yr warranty!), kiddo dropped it on tile floor at pizza place.
  • 17:33:30: A peek at one of my floating gardens (in a long-overdue blog post, gasp!) http://bit.ly/hyqRyD

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Star Songs