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Star Songs

January 22nd, 2011

From Twitter 01-21-2011 @ 03:18 am

  • 01:41:44: Double Woot! night - Grandmaster Gardener (Sierra) and Legendary Theurge (Olivia, hunting Pirates) in the same evening.
  • 02:07:02: How indeed? (Same goes for Wizard 101) http://bit.ly/gzZGVO
  • 17:56:56: @XStormySkiesZ Cuthalla/Eelgis> The originals in the Grotto no longer cheat, but their copies in Stormriven pylons still do last I heard.
  • 17:58:13: @Moon_Gem Science Ctr> You blocked it out? (Tons of Life enemies in there *shudder*)
  • 18:06:06: @icywiz @MythspentYouth I'm enjoying my own Theurge a lot more lately now that she has Forest Lord + Gargantuan. ^-^
  • 19:04:54: RT @SeanEWeaver: Fickle? More like Needy!: Apparently, "Fickle" is Pickle-ese for "Neediest Things in the Spiral".In about 24 hou... htt ...
  • 19:07:35: Is there a guide anywhere that lists which Needs each plant can get? Plants w/same needs could be placed together to share spells.
  • 19:08:02: RT @thegizwiz: ABC News said "expect tremendous amounts of icing on the roads!" I'm getting some plain cake, a knife & heading 4 the doo ...

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Star Songs