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Star Songs

January 26th, 2011

From Twitter 01-25-2011 @ 03:17 am

  • 18:34:16: @mackenzie_fairy Wait, there's a Leviathan PET now? *want!*
  • 18:39:49: @AlricRavenwiz There's a lot of sealed doors in the Tower Archives, and a mystery house down a ramp in Malistaire's run (just b4 Gurtoks)
  • 18:44:50: @mooncatcher101 Wait, there's a Hydra hybrid called Leviathan, I was thinking of the the lvl58 spell creature as a pet. D'oh!
  • 18:47:27: @mooncatcher101 I do have a basic Hydra, but that's not the pet I thought it was. Thanks for the offer though.
  • 18:50:23: Defender Pig (descendant of @KevBattleblood's 9G Pig) got Spritely at Teen, woot! Wish I could stitch it to a Stormcat body.
  • 18:53:04: @LydiaGreyrose Any chance we'll ever be able to Stitch pets? Merge Talents, stats, item card etc of pet A with looks of pet B.
  • 18:54:30: @AlricRavenwiz I forgot there was a Hybrid pet named Leviathan, I was thinking of a big purple storm serpent like the spell.
  • 20:11:59: @KelseyFireheart I REALLY don't like the Defender Pig's looks, I'd trade its Dryad card to get my Stormcat back in a heartbeat.
  • 23:13:20: Spritely Pig just got Spell-Proof at Adult, starting at 3%.

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Star Songs