Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 01-26-2011

  • 15:08:01: @dianawildheart Subscribers get full access to everything, incl 18+ chat and ranked PVP, but only as long as they keep paying every month.
  • 15:09:09: @dianawildheart Crowns unlock areas permanently, but don't get 18+ chat and have to buy PVP passes by match or by day.
  • 15:14:47: RT @spiritcaller: Tonight's episode of Ravenwood Radio has been postponed until Feb 2! Sorry guys, I have the flu and just won't be at 1 ...
  • 15:17:31: @spiritcaller Where'd I put that Crate of Chickens? We both need soup, stat! (I called in sick today.)

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