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Star Songs

January 28th, 2011

From Twitter 01-27-2011 @ 03:17 am

  • 12:02:21: @mackenzie_fairy Helephant's the only one restricted to Fire students only, but there are tons of other Fire pets http://bit.ly/elW0mN
  • 12:26:11: @PaigeMoonShade My Death alt has a Woodland Haunter
  • 12:43:29: @PaigeMoonShade What did you need the dead tree for? If you want to hatch I'll need to save up gold first, Death guy's broke.
  • 15:44:39: @mackenzie_fairy No, thanks, I forgot about the Hydra hybrid & thought you'd found a brand-new pet based on Leviathan spell.
  • 15:46:55: @JessTheTheurge Wait 'til he morphs to Treant, then throw a prism on him & set loose the Death Centaur - bye-bye now!
  • 15:47:49: @SirWinterbreeze Sounds like a Prickly Bear gardener dumped his stash, I've seen 'em drop both of those.
  • 15:59:28: @KevBattleblood Can Large Soils only be floated one at a time, or could you slide a larger rug under a group and pick them up together?
  • 16:05:47: @kevbattleblood I haven't managed a perma-tower yet, but the Chessboard makes lining up pots easier for free-floating plantings.
  • 16:10:19: @AlricRavenwiz Spell-Proof goes up as actual stats raise, Tireless boosts max stats so yes, it raises the max % your Proof can get.
  • 16:27:39: @KelseyFireheart @AlricRavenwiz Maybe @KevBattleblood knows the stat-to-% formulas, I've got "more stat = more %" but no clue on ratios.
  • 20:40:01: @BaronJuJu Gardening trainers are in Wizard City, Krok, Mooshu & Celestia - no Dragonspyre, sorry.

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Star Songs