Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 01-28-2011

  • 11:18:48: @PaigeMoonShade lol I wanted the Ghast & got the Woodland Haunter mix. Mine's at Teen, I'll train him to Adult if you want to hatch.
  • 13:39:41: @dittowizard Or in my case, more energy. (Had to stop training a pet at 483/500 xp to Ancient last night.)
  • 13:43:22: RT @Syfy: For those asking, Merlin is preempted tonight only. It will be back on its regular schedule next week & no other preemption ar ...
  • 13:47:35: @PaigeMoonShade Soon as we get both pets trained & get the cash, you're on! (Ooh, I can sell Tasty Biscuits for 200 gold, I've got tons...)
  • 13:49:38: Tasty Biscuits from Bread Fruit bushes, Smoke Screen & Poison TCs from Stinkweed all Sell to Bazaar around 200g each. Cash crops!
  • 15:35:28: @icywiz Official Wizard 101 Calendar, from (we've got one, very nice!)

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