Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 01-31-2011

  • 00:53:34: Which Astral school for Storm wiz w/Ice & Life secondaries? (to Tower & Satyr) Don't fiz much w/GM gear.
  • 01:54:20: Downside to sleeping in on the weekends, I'm just starting to get sleepy & have to be up for work in 6 hours. And it begins again...
  • 17:03:11: RT @paulandstorm: [S] I don't intend to procrastinate; it's just that there's still no medical cure for oughtism.
  • 17:07:26: My Myth alt planting separate towers of Fickle Pickles & Pink Dandelions at the same time may have been overdoing it.
  • 17:52:18: Best plants for rank 5+ pet snacks? (Bread Fruit varieties & Prickly Bears drop mainly rank 4 & under, takes too long to train on those.)
  • 18:00:30: I've been getting some 5's from Fickle Pickles, but also a lot of trading cards, reagents, etc as well.
  • 18:01:31: Also (rarely) got Killer Tomatoes (rank 7) from Burning Snap Dragons.
  • 19:02:28: @LydiaGreyrose Bazaar bug: Sell More screen (for multiple snax/reagents) shows the Buy prices, not Sell prices.
  • 19:14:09: @MEGALUS I've reported the bug to including screen shots showing the problem, hopefully it's an easy fix for them.
  • 19:23:33: @ZuneSupport Do any models have audio Low Battery alerts? Can't see the video warning on my 30Gb when I'm listening w/it in my pocket.
  • 19:24:04: @mooncatcher101 Of course, just before I head home from work. (sigh)
  • 19:29:53: Check the Member Benefits - Energy refills at double speed, + expanded backpacks & friend lists! Woot!!
  • 19:31:18: @ZuneSupport Might that be added thru a future firmware update? (suggestion)
  • 21:54:59: @HeatherRavenWiz Start massive gardens of various Dandelions now, to build up your stockpiles.
  • 22:03:13: @kevbattleblood I don't like the new Needs icons, too hard for me to see them. Circles stood out more.
  • 22:04:49: @kevbattleblood Stun Block> Each shield blocks 2 stuns? So Storm Lord leaves 4 behind & blocks 8 stuns now? (confused)

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