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Star Songs

February 2nd, 2011

From Twitter 02-01-2011 @ 03:19 am

  • 03:10:11: @dianawildheart Do any of the component recipes for CL house require Grandmaster Artisan, or is it all Master level?
  • 11:16:43: @spiritcaller @ravenwoodradio Admit it, you guys delayed a week on purpose for TR to go up. (Whether you did or not, it works!)
  • 11:18:15: RT @dianawildheart: @starsongky All recipes that you will make for CL house are Master artisan required.
  • 11:19:11: @dianawildheart Sweet! Might have to finish Life alt's bookshelves after all, just so she can craft the CL Observatory.
  • 11:30:43: I just set my background to 100 supporters of #Wizard101 you can too: http://twb.ly/dVcDv5
  • 11:36:14: Love the new No PVP symbol on the Boss minion TCs. Wish they'd add to our enhanced TCs (+dam/acc) so we could still trade them for PvE.
  • 11:38:36: #petnome idea: Buy a couple of Jade Onis & see if new Balance-born version gets different Talents than older Myth-born ones.
  • 13:43:30: @LydiaGreyrose How about adding a few (hundred) Star Icons to the TR Bazaar so we can test out crafting the CL house & make sure it works?
  • 13:44:34: @dittowizard I've gotten a Meowiarty & 2 Krokopatras in 3 packs so far. I like the little "No PVP" symbol on them.
  • 13:45:57: @MEGALUS It's a super-rare furniture item, only drops from Astraeus. Like the 6 Sun icons you turn on in Chancel, but w/Stars instead.
  • 13:47:08: @MEGALUS CL Observatory recipe needs 2 Star Icons, hard enough to get just 1 of them.
  • 13:51:38: @MEGALUS Central guide to CL furniture drops, Star Icon is about halfway down http://bit.ly/hihBj6
  • 16:19:52: @BaronJuJu About the only Minion cards I ever used were the "sacrifice them to heal me" types, and then only as last resorts.
  • 17:24:23: @tdeathgem Castle Previews are an Open House, real estate cat lets everybody in to look around.
  • 17:25:33: @tdeathgem I've heard CL crafted house only requires Master Artisan, not Grandmaster
  • 17:26:32: @tdeathgem Don't get your hopes up on Sea Dragon, they were gold-buyable in the 1st CL test realm too but crown-only in live version.
  • 17:31:09: TR Confirmed: New gardening spells are 2D, can only be cast at and affect plants at ground/floor level. Sadly, no more tower farms.
  • 17:33:18: TR Confirmed: Could not cast needs AOE on floating plants, even standing on rug platform at the plants' same level.
  • 17:35:44: TR Confirmed: Each level of lg Mooshu house's stepped yard must be targeted separately even if it looks like they're all inside AOE ring
  • 17:39:54: Test: This Pest spell ring only hit the Snapdragons on the upper step, didn't touch ones on the lower level. http://twitpic.com/3vkghy
  • 21:46:24: @AlricRavenwiz Got my Cupig as a Jade Oni drop last year, I'd assume he's got them again.

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Star Songs