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Star Songs

February 3rd, 2011

From Twitter 02-02-2011 @ 03:18 am

  • 00:19:56: @kevbattleblood New Oni 2nite got Unbalancer instead of Mythproof & Hex instead of Mythtrap, all others the same (2 stat talents +all derby)
  • 00:22:14: #petnome Hex is new talent w/Jade Oni, May Cast "Hex" Spell. (Just realized all "May Cast" pages will need updating to new format.)
  • 00:26:13: #petnome Suggest adding dual Talent slots on same page for Jade Onis, a'la Mutations, for Myth vs Balance-born versions
  • 00:41:43: Extended maintenance for #Wizard101 tonight. I hope they're not going live already, my plant towers are barely sprouting!
  • 11:33:20: @FallonStormWiz Storm Beetle was promo pet & hatches as Rain Beetle, they're blue & yellow instead of purple & yellow.
  • 11:36:01: RT @spiritcaller: Ravenwood Radio #33 recording LIVE tonight at 8pm Central on ravenwoodradio.com - more news than you can shake a wamd ...
  • 13:03:09: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away a #Stargate Artifacts book detailing 851 props to someone who RT this by 5pmPT on 2/6 - http://twitpic.com/3ouk0m
  • 13:11:49: @ravenwoodradio Do you think the Celestia Observatory is worth all the reagent farming, incl getting 2 Star Icons from Astraeus?
  • 13:14:50: What'll happen to existing tower farms when TR's live? Will I end up with dead twigs I can't get rid of b/c I can't Spell them or pick up?
  • 16:42:09: @spiritcaller I'll take the Island - biggest yard yet (on one flat plain) is just begging for a statue garden. Sunny skies also a big plus.
  • 16:46:13: New Orthrus anim would make more sense w/lightning on 2nd strike instead of 1st, doing more damage than fog ball.
  • 18:03:36: @KelseyFireheart Parts for GH house are all tradeable, so yes, any wiz on same acct could make them & pass thru shared bank to final owner.
  • 18:05:52: @KelseyFireheart Assuming they're all high enough lvl crafters, no reason not to split up the part crafting & use all those slots at once.
  • 18:07:53: @KelseyFireheart Hand of Doom TCs aren't limited by caster's school, only restriction is No PVP (that's what the 'no sword' symbol means)
  • 18:13:05: Speaking of new Boss minion TCs, has anybody tried using one in PVP to verify the "No PVP" restriction works?

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Star Songs