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Star Songs

February 4th, 2011

From Twitter 02-03-2011 @ 03:17 am

  • 11:23:43: @mooncatcher101 Not sure about Leala, but @Icywiz I think's a Game Dames co-host
  • 11:32:52: @JessTheTheurge Frost Flowers> Best is the underground lake around Herkir's cave, GZ near the wolf tribes
  • 12:37:05: I'm gonna miss this. Tower of 33 Bears, all w/1 med Needs spell (crates are rug platforms for harvesting) http://twitpic.com/3w4ulm
  • 12:41:24: @PaigeMoonShade They've replaced the Bazaar Now Open chalkboard sign with more crates like around the door.
  • 13:29:42: @kevbattleblood Temps have been about average for my part of the US, but we've had a TON more snow than usual.
  • 13:41:47: @KelseyFireheart Taking down the Bazaar Now Open sign makes sense (they aren't new any more) but crates? How about some plants instead?
  • 15:20:14: RT @AlricRavenwiz: @kevbattleblood Woot! petnomes are being completed daily! awesome J O B everyone let's get these petnomes completed! ...
  • 15:35:40: I've heard dropped seeds are now No Auction in Test. Crown stuff's been No Auction, are regular plants dropping as No Auction too now?
  • 18:33:45: @Moon_Gem Not 100% on this but seems to be dead after 24 hrs wilting, also wilts after ignoring need/pest for 24 hrs.
  • 18:37:37: @AlricRavenwiz @icywiz Bacon's gross. Can we head over to an Island Getaway for a luau instead? Pork roast or BBQ I can deal with.
  • 18:39:57: @CassDragonHeart Psst - Kitty can hide with my Pigs, I've got 2 w/Spritely, Pip oPlenty & Spellproof. Also Frostcaller w/similar combo.
  • 20:33:13: @icywiz Not me, the smell of bacon cooking was the only thing that triggered morning sickness. Still can't stand it.
  • 21:37:57: @Wipeout Any chance of getting the patterns for some of those cute knitted & crocheted winter hats contestants are wearing?

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Date:February 4th, 2011 11:54 pm (UTC)
I found a T-shirt you might like for your kids.


Star Songs