Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 02-04-2011

  • 11:31:23: @Beau_Hindman Snow Ice Cream ... Wow, that brings back childhood memories! <g> All we've got this week is rain.
  • 11:33:09: Still haven't gotten feedback on this - Which Astral school should I train for my lvl 53 Storm wiz w/Life & Ice secondaries?
  • 18:03:38: @johnsberman Lost. Big Bang Theory. Desperate Housewives. #neverseen
  • 18:46:42: @HeatherRavenWiz 2 Myth PVP guides from Central: up to lvl 20 & lvl 30-45 (couldn't find 46+)
  • 18:58:46: @SirWinterbreeze Looks handy! I'm tempted to hatch one of my Defender Pigs with him for my own Balance alt :)
  • 19:05:46: @SirWinterbreeze I've got 3 diff pets (2 Def Pigs + Frostcaller) w/PipOPlenty, Spritely & Spellproof/Defy (each has 1 resist or other)
  • 19:08:35: One of my Pickle towers went Elder. Should I risk replanting it in hopes it'll finish before Test goes live?
  • 19:12:50: @kevbattleblood Serena 13 days, CL & Gardening 18 days. Valentina's here thru 2/15, I'm guessing TR won't go live before then. Thanks!

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