Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 02-07-2011

  • 01:57:46: @FNHumor Have you guys seen the ads for Chopped All-Stars coming Mar.6? Claire & Anne among the contestants but so are Next FNStar rejects.
  • 12:09:45: @PaigeMoonShade Attic cleaning sounds good, dump that stuff I'll never use. Might get enough cash for a hatching or two that way.
  • 12:10:53: Wish my Attic had a Root Cellar, to keep all those surplus Seeds in. I'm getting buried in Prickly Bears and Dandelions!
  • 15:33:39: @Beau_Hindman 4 hours sleep> Wish I didn't know what you're talking about. Between work & game there isn't enough time left for sleep.
  • 15:35:48: @HeatherRavenWiz Easter is 11 weeks from yesterday, so 76 days. (April 24th)
  • 15:37:23: @AlricRavenwiz Wonder if we can convince @Wizard101 to treat Seeds like Reagents & Pet Snacks to give us some breathing room?
  • 18:19:45: @SirWinterbreeze You may be one of the first, actually; W101 Garden ad was just uploaded today. Thanks!

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