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Star Songs

February 10th, 2011

From Twitter 02-09-2011 @ 03:15 am

  • 12:32:27: @paulandstorm Pawn Stars, with Lindsey Lohan #HistoryChannelGenreBusting
  • 13:28:07: @dittowizard Sounds like they're shutting down the tower gardens a little early (before Test realm goes live)
  • 13:32:41: @FriendlyNecro Maybe they're doing something w/ existing Towers before Test goes live so we don't end up with floating sticks we can't touch
  • 13:35:24: @CassDragonHeart Makes sense, I'd heard there was a multi-harvest bug. Did it once by accident & bug-reported it, no clue how I'd done it.
  • 15:50:51: @HeatherRavenWiz Screenies of Fire Trap & Fire Shield (formerly Fire Aura) http://twitpic.com/3y2nrm
  • 16:05:29: @kevbattleblood @HeatherRavenWiz All pages/links for Fire Shield & Myth Shield have been updated to new format.
  • 18:08:47: Since KI's blocked access to our Gardens, hopefully that stops time (growth) for them as well. Lack of Bank access bugs me more.
  • 18:24:25: @KingsIsle Could you please reset our Test crowns again to keep us busy while our houses get renovated? Thx!
  • 18:36:13: @kevbattleblood If they already had bugs/needs when it went down, won't they be wilting by the time we get back to them?
  • 23:05:44: @mooncatcher101 @Deathshard Jade Oni switched from Myth to Balance when CL released, but they forgot to update talents to match until now.

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Star Songs