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Star Songs

February 11th, 2011

From Twitter 02-10-2011 @ 03:21 am

  • 00:39:37: @syfy Any chances you'll be producing audio or video podcasts soon? Behind the scenes, interviews, etc would be fun.
  • 11:46:07: @HelpfulWizard TR No-Auction MegaSnacks> Not too surprised, that's how they shut down the Wayfinder scheme. Sucks, but not surprised.
  • 16:00:52: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away a #BeingHuman t-shirt to someone who retweets this note by 5pm PT on 2/11 - http://twitpic.com/3p74aj
  • 16:08:09: @arlendawneyes Apparently MegaSnacks are no auction in Test Realm, I haven't personally confirmed
  • 16:10:42: @arlendawneyes Good point, nothing against the source, I couldn't remember where I'd heard it.
  • 16:15:18: Finally got back ITS, all plants rescued. Over half wilted, incl nearly-Elder Malestrom Snap Dragons, but at least they weren't dead.
  • 16:21:59: @dittowizard You're really easy to spot against white snow banks, for instance.

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Star Songs