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Star Songs

February 12th, 2011

From Twitter 02-11-2011 @ 03:16 am

  • 00:39:20: @HeatherRavenWiz Who am I to disagree?
  • 00:51:31: RT @ZUNE: We're not at 50,000 followers YET... but we're getting there! 50K means we'll give away a "Guild" edition Zune - anyone excit ...
  • 11:33:16: @kevbattleblood Have the #petnome Life Shield / Death Shield graphics already been loaded? I should have a slow afternoon.
  • 11:34:55: @PaigeMoonShade Have you already tried both Firecat statues on the Magma Peas? (I forget what the black version's called.)
  • 11:37:44: @PaigeMoonShade We didn't know Like items existed 1st time around until Gardening went live, maybe they're not activated yet.
  • 11:44:05: Valentina's here thru the 15th. Anybody wanna bet Test Realm goes live on @ravenwoodradio Wednesday?
  • 13:17:20: I'm not sure what's in this salad, but can't stop eating it! Orange segments, red bell peppers. Baby spinach & bamboo shoots? OM NOM NOM!
  • 17:01:45: @Kevbattleblood #petnome: All pets with Life/Death Aura talents have been updated to Life/Death Shield.
  • 17:10:34: @CassDragonHeart No problem, only 8 pets total. Good way to fill a boring afternoon at work.
  • 17:14:18: #petnome If you've got a pet w/Storm Aura, could you pls send screenie of new Storm Shield talent? (Also need Ice Shield if there is one.)
  • 17:16:16: @kevbattleblood Explains why I couldn't find it, d'oh! :)
  • 17:33:29: Any recommendations for a good Myth pet? (dropped or for gold) My Orthrus and Minotaur both got junk talents.
  • 18:50:37: @kevbattleblood @arlendawneyes There's a Read More link w/pics: http://www.massiveonlinegamer.com/w101contest/1080
  • 19:01:45: Mustard Troll's #petnome looks promising, some nice misc Myth talents. Or I may just hatch my Mythproof minotaur w/one of my KevPigs
  • 19:04:43: Pigs have Pips, Spritely, Spellproof + stat, Minotaur has Mythproof + 3 stat talents. Might take a few generations but love Mino looks.
  • 19:08:48: If you're hatching for specific traits, how far do you train before giving up, deciding it's a "trash" pet & trying again? (Blog idea?)
  • 19:10:12: Does hatching the offspring back to one of its parents make a 'hidden' talent more likely to come through?
  • 23:01:28: @JessTheTheurge Myth> I simply don't use double-hits vs Myth bosses; stick to Cyclops, Frog, NinjaPig (treasures) & Quakes
  • 23:13:36: @kevbattleblood Q for Ian: What are some of the most common fixes for "My game won't run!" problems?
  • 23:15:25: #petnome team: I submitted 3 more Talents & a Derby skill for Goat Monk, but can't add images to fix the pet page. Help?
  • 23:35:23: Great job @icywiz! RT @mythspentyouth: New at MMOCrunch - Ravenwood Roundup: Rattle and Hum http://is.gd/VOcUix #wizard101

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Star Songs