Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 02-12-2011

  • 06:38:07: @thetitanmaster Simple Vial> Buyable reagent, might be Krok or higher.
  • 06:41:30: Longest 4.5 hours EVER, but I just solo'd Mali incl both Gurtoks, woot! (Ice Gurtok w/o prisms 'cause I forgot 'em) Got robe for Myth GM.
  • 06:45:17: Ice fights w/o prisms - ended up using Polymorph Treant's attacks & reshuffles to whittle them down.
  • 15:02:42: @thegreatlukeski Is it just me, or does that "Forget You" song ("F*&@ You" radio edit) just beg to be an Alzheimers theme FuMP?
  • 15:23:29: #petnome: Just added 4 more slots to Goat Monk 32 (MS petshop), 6 slots left if anybody had gold/Snax left in Test

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