Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 02-14-2011

  • 11:48:01: Ran out of my usual vanilla brown sugar shampoo, so like @dittowizard I used strawberry this morning - I kinda like it!
  • 12:38:36: @FriendlyNecro I'm a @Wizard101 addict, not a fan. I get kinda twitchy when I can't get my daily fix. ^-^ (Same is true for knitting.)
  • 16:26:57: @arlendawneyes I thought Valentina was here thru the 15th (tomorrow), which *might* bring TR on Wednesday just in time for @ravenwoodradio.
  • 16:31:20: Wish I was ITS right now instead of stuck at work, but gotta pay for those subscriptions somehow...
  • 17:07:17: #petnome: Has anyone checked Brown Spider (MS petshop) in Test to see if they've fixed it yet? Gives Life card but Death talents.
  • 17:08:45: @thetitanmaster They're finally fixing new Jade Onis (in Test) to give Balance talents instead of Myth, hoping they fix Brown Spiders too.
  • 17:11:23: Running behind today, feeling really sluggish too. suppose Twitter's not helping my productivity any. Does help the sanity though.
  • 17:12:13: @AlricRavenwiz If you buy one and it's a Life pet instead of Death, that'll be a good sign. :)
  • 17:14:46: @AlricRavenwiz Thanks, I can't really train TR any more unless they reset crowns again.
  • 18:11:52: @AlricRavenwiz Wonder how many hatches it'd take to make a Brown Spider w/all Life Talents? Sadly, probably too many to be worth it.
  • 18:14:47: @tdeathgem Golden Pearls are the rare harvest w/regular Pearls, can buy Transmute from CL base camp vendor
  • 19:04:35: @gemmadw I thought Tandy Leather went out of business, our local shop closed years ago. Hubby taught me to do leather carving in college.

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