Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 02-16-2011

  • 11:57:30: Thanks to @AlricRavenwiz & @SorceressMiklai the #petnome (School) Aura talents have all been updated to Shield versions.
  • 12:03:44: @ravenwoodradio What changes would you make to revitalize the Pet Derby? With so few players it's hard to find opponents for (cont)
  • 12:06:17: @ravenwoodradio (cont) ranked matches, so how can I ever gain enough rank & tickets to buy a PVP Derby-only pet?
  • 14:55:30: @dittowizard Congrats! You're featured on the @Wizard101 startup screen again - in full color!
  • 15:34:01: Finally back in from a fire drill at work. A lot of pain from standing around on concrete outside so long. At least it was reasonably warm.
  • 15:35:12: RT @spiritcaller: Courtesy of @KingsIsle, we have TONS of AWESOME contest prizes to give out over the next few months on @ravenwoodradio ...

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