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Star Songs

February 18th, 2011

From Twitter 02-17-2011 @ 03:19 am

  • 01:27:23: @ChristoSky No prob w /my tower gardens, I'm still playing. I stacked but didn't use the multi-harvest bug.
  • 11:34:56: @ravenwoodradio #ThanksLeesha for a great run, best of luck in all your adventures! *bows to the Overlord* Hope to see you back some day.
  • 11:38:53: @FallonStormWiz #WelcomeFallon We may have lost an Overlord (for now), but RR's gained a Loremaster! Puts my little classroom to shame.
  • 11:50:42: @AlricRavenwiz I enjoy playing Fire more than I thought I would, but she's only 1 not on my main acct so don't get to play her often enough.
  • 12:15:35: @AlricRavenwiz Similar thing w/Snow Angel DOT, let it hit for a couple of rounds so I get a chance to heal.
  • 13:43:58: My last 2 schools were Myth & Fire, chose Myth for 6th seat in main classroom b/c I already had Myth GM hat & boots in shared bank.
  • 13:48:13: My wizard family, in order: Ice (60), Life (60), Storm (54), Death (50), Balance (50), Myth (50), Fire (46).
  • 13:49:44: FYI Death & Myth wizards are boys, the rest are girls.
  • 15:27:21: @Tara_Windwalker PvE pet derby? Sounds like a good idea to me too.
  • 15:31:43: Do any bosses/mobs drop King Parsley, or is it only in the Crowns shop?

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Star Songs