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From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 00:25:05: @arlendawneyes From context, looks like OP = overpowered. I like Snow Angel, but haven't been on receiving end of one. :)
  • 10:55:49: @PaigeMoonShade Me, I prefer sunny skies and green growing things.
  • 13:54:08: @HeatherRavenWiz I should start keeping a pet family tree, so many hatches can't tell parents from children sometimes.
  • 13:56:56: Poll: Would you be interested in a chart of plants' Needs & max bugs? Could help w/layouts, plants w/ same Needs together to share spells.
  • 14:01:01: @FallonStormWiz LOL! sort of, wouldn't need to be that complex though. I'm thinking more of a spreadsheet or table.
  • 14:43:57: @spiritcaller Higher rank plants will give you more XP, also more needs so be sure you have bug spell to match.
  • 16:29:46: @SorceressMiklai I'm a big Pickle fan too - love their Rank 5 snacks and Pixie & Dryad TCs! Tower w/45 Elder pickles was a thing of beauty.
  • 16:31:01: Planting tip: You can fit 9 small pots in 3x3 grid, or 7 med pots in a hexagon, in an 8-energy Medium spell ring.
  • 16:33:05: Planting tip: Only the center of each pot/pot has to be inside the spell ring, where base of plant touches it.
  • 19:09:28: @kevbattleblood #petnome All Talent/derby rarity blanks have been removed from all pets.
  • 21:37:39: RT @BeckettMOG: News: Wizard101 Gardening: Advice from a Grandmaster

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