Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 02-21-2011

  • 11:13:41: @dittowizard Looks like one of those Old West style novelty photos, all you need is a cowboy hat and a badge, Sheriff Ditto & Deputy Jasmine
  • 12:13:59: Debating a solo Legendary Kensington run. Would Ice or Life have better odds of pulling it off?
  • 12:14:57: Life can heal herself, but didn't Kensington have a lot of Life mobs?
  • 12:15:57: @arlendawneyes My Myth alt's barely Grandmaster, still hasn't done Mali yet. Ice/Life are my 2 Legendaries so far.
  • 13:31:25: Finally broke down and re-inked a self-inking stamper I use a lot at work. My hands have black splotches like Prof. Wu. Blech!
  • 16:48:47: How do I look up my Wiziversary date? I'm pretty sure it'll be 2 years of @Wizard101 in March.
  • 16:50:30: I started playing some time after Dragonspyre was released, but before quest trackers and teleport marks were added. (Way before housing.)
  • 17:22:51: @CassDragonHeart KI Welcome email> Not sure I've still got emails from a couple of years ago. :)
  • 17:57:08: @Syfy That gorgeous Half-Life orange would make a great sock yarn caddy while I'm knitting along with Merlin!
  • 18:00:48: Mavra Flamewing - Kill her first, or take down the Pox first? I target her b4 she can get too many shields up, then safely wear down Pox.
  • 18:26:54: DOT isn't Ice's strong suit (not in DS). The faster Mavra's down, less time Pox have to shield her. Nibble away at Pox after that.
  • 18:52:10: Easy for you to say, Mr. Humungofrog. Blizzard? Not so much. (Mavra's quest is usually in low 40s, pre-48th spells)

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