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Star Songs

February 25th, 2011

From Twitter 02-24-2011 @ 03:16 am

  • 11:12:39: @icywiz I'm only a morning person if I've been up all night & I'm seeing it from the other side!
  • 11:17:19: @FriendlyNecro Crafted crit gear? How have I missed this? Where & for what levels? My Storm gal could use a boost at 54. Darn Junglethorns!
  • 11:18:16: @thetitanmaster Wish I was home in my Snuggie right now, I overslept & woke up too late to call in sick. (Have to give 2hrs notice.)
  • 11:38:00: @CassDragonHeart Where are the recipes? By the time I gather reagents and craft it she should level up again to wear it.
  • 11:41:10: @FriendlyNecro Dual school may be why I've overlooked them until now, I'm pretty much primary-only for damage spells across the board.
  • 11:45:12: @CassDragonHeart @HeatherRavenWiz So Life crit =/= Life Damage Crit? Good point, never considered Spritely Crits. (Can it?)
  • 11:47:20: Great little tips like these are *exactly* why I love my #twizards family! {{hugs everybody}}
  • 11:50:24: Thanks for cheering me up, guys! Sadly, time to close the browser & stay focused, too much work to do. PLOX!
  • 13:07:43: RT @SyfyMovies: 3 homeless sharktopi turned up 2day. RT w/in 24 hours and 1 cd be going to YOUR home! http://yfrog.com/h06sxzyj
  • 13:09:19: Got the recipes, now where the heck am I supposed to find 17 Stormzilla cards for the full set? (PS Argleston says I've got too many TCs.)
  • 15:28:24: @dittowizard Once you lvl gardening enough, you'll want Firey Boom Shrooms for Jasmine - mine have been dropping Firezilla TCs like mad.
  • 16:43:33: @KelseyFireheart Chain Dispell: They only complain because they didn't think of it & weren't the ones using it.
  • 23:39:08: Which bosses / mobs drop Stormzilla TCs? I can't find a recipe for them, not in Archives shop, Bazaar's out of stock.
  • 23:44:13: @SorceressMiklai Any clue where the recipe is then? I haven't found it yet.
  • 23:48:56: @SorceressMiklai Weird, could've sworn I'd checked Torrence, only saw Kraken & lower. (Ooh, maybe I already have it?)
  • 23:50:22: @SorceressMiklai Bingo! Don't remember buying it but yep, already have the recipe. Now to gather parts... Thanks!

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Star Songs