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Star Songs

March 4th, 2011

From Twitter 03-03-2011 @ 03:15 am

  • 12:01:54: @icywiz *runs to check school calendar* Our little wizards don't get Spring Break until the first week of April.
  • 12:04:47: @WizardsStory Takes awhile now to load the map 1st time in an area (after gardening update), but seems OK after that.
  • 12:05:34: RT @pattonoswalt: Wait -- the whole country's watching Sheen. Anyone checked the federal reserve? Is this a gigantic DIE HARD heist? #ha ...
  • 12:11:06: Definitely want an Island Getaway, probly for my Death wiz. He's outgrown his Mooshu cottage, Death house doesn't have room for big garden.
  • 12:14:27: Still debating crafting CL Obs & for who - could sell Sierra's old WC home to make room, or raise Storm alt to Master Artisan to craft one.
  • 12:17:05: Then again, how much gardening room does CL Obs have? Myth guy only has Fire house now, not much yard space. (Hm, could make garden floor.)
  • 12:19:19: @AlricRavenwiz Nice idea but no, can't afford the $39 for Gamestop card. Also not sure I really need yet another house I may not use.
  • 13:33:16: @PaigeMoonShade I tend to use a lot more outdoors than indoors, more for utility than looks. Quick & easy access, pop in & pop out.
  • 13:35:46: @PaigeMoonShade Only considering CL Obs for the crafting challenge, maybe practice duels w/ my kids. (Handicap: no gear for me)
  • 13:37:17: @LadyofBlades I've got a Watchtower already, couldn't pass up the rustic foresty look tho I wish it were sunnier.
  • 13:39:14: @Gazerwolf Plenty of fluids always good when you're sick. I raided upstairs kitchen for Sprite, cafeteria's is broken.
  • 15:18:51: Prof Greyrose explains mysterious Vendor Trash reagent: http://bit.ly/e1wYgh
  • 15:20:08: @SirWinterbreeze Eggbert should be back in late April (around Easter)
  • 18:49:14: @AlricRavenwiz Sun room - fun in the sun, day at the beach? Summer picnic?

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Star Songs