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Star Songs

March 5th, 2011

From Twitter 03-04-2011 @ 03:15 am

  • 10:16:47: Don't like my crafted CL Storm gear, but no clue what to stitch to. I miss her blonde ponytail. Pref purple w/ white or black trim. Ideas?
  • 10:23:57: @CassDragonHeart It's the lvl 55+ crafted Storm/Life outfit, Centurion style w/ scrub brush helmet. Don't like hats that hide wiz's hair.
  • 10:26:27: Sierra's already got the same robe in Blue (looks like CL armor w/skirt) with a beret & MB heeled boots.
  • 10:27:30: Life wiz has same MB heel boots w/ Wayfinder dress & broad brimmed sun hat w/flower, green on green.
  • 10:29:02: @JohnLifeglen School symbols on the hat maybe, pref no cape. (Seen Incredibles too many times.) Maybe MB bustle gown?
  • 10:31:08: She tried on a couple of MB hats but they didn't sit right w/ponytail. GM helmet was stitched to DS brimmed cap.
  • 10:32:15: @CassDragonHeart That's the beret Sierra's got now, trying not to duplicate if I can help it.
  • 10:58:04: Crimson Fields shouldn't be too hard to farm now, might pick up a pet too. :) I think she started out w/girls' jester style w/Sprite card.
  • 14:08:53: @feliciaday @wilw Niketown? Sounds like Jennifer Government. (one of my fav books)
  • 18:55:45: A big #ff for @Blue_Bart, one pirate's tale from the Grotto. (Whoever's posting this, very funny!)
  • 19:01:15: @Blue_Bart Whoops! Sorry, Sir, I forgot there were two underwater zones. *walks plank* *sploosh*
  • 19:13:31: @FallonStormWiz Fallon, what dress are you wearing in this video? (like the look) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_-Pb5vbVng

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Star Songs