Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 03-08-2011

  • 11:32:59: @jeffdunham Speaking of Sheen's blondes, Lindsey Lohan would fit right in with Charlie's Angels.
  • 11:47:09: Is it just me, or do #Wizard101 Leprechauns look kinda like David Letterman?
  • 11:48:33: @EliteWizard In Internet slang, Trolls are generally rude obnoxious types who take joy in stirring up trouble.
  • 16:32:18: @EliteWizard My youngest wiz told me his King Parsley (back in Test) was super-polite because it said "Thank you for the mulch!"
  • 17:20:06: @FallonStormWiz I guessed 20 hours for me but that's probably low.
  • 17:24:50: @RogueSorcerer Be sure you're logged into W101 site and try the survey again. It said I wasn't eligible 1st try but worked once I logged in.

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