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Star Songs

March 10th, 2011

From Twitter 03-09-2011 @ 03:15 am

  • 12:21:37: @Beau_Hindman My chihuahua has a similar limp, in his case it's a genetic defect (malformed hip joint). No free running tho, fenced yard.
  • 13:04:02: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away a #Stargate Universe t-shirt to someone who retweets this note by 5pmPT on 3/13 - http://twitpic.com/476ebh #sgu
  • 13:05:17: @AmberTheSavior The other two shuttles still have one more mission each; this was Discovery's final trip.
  • 13:08:48: @AmberTheSavior You're right, it does seem strange for a nation built by explorers to give up the final frontier.
  • 13:11:19: I want my snuggie! *grumble whine * Stupid needing a paycheck...
  • 13:13:04: Try #5 at Plague Oni last night, still no Storm dress. At least older son finished that quest & got a Life Scarab out of it.
  • 13:15:23: @JohnLifeglen Mine's plain royal blue, got it as a Mother's Day gift a year or two back.
  • 15:45:50: @ZUNE http://twitpic.com/47vsvs - Shiny! Orange is my favorite color. If I win the boys will have to fight me for those points.
  • 15:48:30: @ZUNE http://twitpic.com/43ql9k - Battery's failing on my old Zune 30 (won't hold charge very long), upgrading to this Gamer-themed 120 woul
  • 15:50:27: RT @ZUNE: Comment on this Twitpic for a chance to win a free month of Zune Pass AND 2000 Xbox Live Msft points! http://twitpic.com/47vsvs
  • 18:54:03: @dittowizard Ooh, bad Minnie! Down girl! *herds snow serpent back into pen* Sorry 'bout that, Pyromancers give her flashbacks.
  • 18:57:32: @RavenwoodRadio Question4show: I know Beguile makes an enemy work for your team for 1 round, but what does it do to human opponents in PVP?

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Star Songs