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From Twitter 03-10-2011

  • 11:23:42: @annathepiper LOL! I ended up putting my umbrella away yesterday morning because it was too windy, got soaked by the time I got to work.
  • 11:34:42: @kevbattleblood Didn't realize you'd need to research it, but thanks! (So, will we be hearing a PVP Study Hall? *giggle*)
  • 11:34:57: RT @mightymur: Mind has gone blue screen. More coffee. Then we reboot this day.
  • 13:16:39: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away a #Stargate Universe t-shirt to someone who retweets this note by 5pmPT on 3/13 - #sgu
  • 13:21:25: Don't think we had Samoas when I was a Girl Scout. I hated the pressure to sell sell sell. (Our troop was too competitive for me.)
  • 13:22:25: Sold a ton of Thin Mints though - mostly 'cause I had to pay for the ones I ate! :)
  • 13:25:28: @CassDragonHeart I was in Junior Scouts, so 4th - 6th grade. Quit b/c meetings were on Buck Rogers night (pre-VCR) & disliked Sr GS leader.
  • 13:26:43: You and me both! RT @aaronlightwalk Would love to return to the Spiral but I gotta go do this work thingy first. Sigh.....
  • 16:02:17: @KelseyFireheart FYI Prince Kebi drops the Krok Insect Plaque, not the Tablet that Prickly Bears like (Central's wrong).
  • 16:03:13: @KelseyFireheart Krok Insect Tablet drops from Warden Abasi in Tomb of the Beguiler instance.
  • 16:18:22: @arlendawneyes This thread has it with a couple of Beguiler bosses The one that lists Kebi is from Apr 2009.
  • 16:21:11: @KelseyFireheart Wooden Rake (for Pickles) drops from a couple of bosses in Helgrind Warren.
  • 20:00:23: @thetitanmaster I love Weird Al! My fav is probably "Amish Paradise".

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