Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 03-14-2011

  • 10:18:55: @icywiz I've had a couple of Spritely pets so far, one got it at Teen and another didn't until Epic. Any talent can unlock at any age.
  • 10:30:24: @PaigeMoonShade Morning to you too! Trying to imagine I'm not at work. :)
  • 10:31:39: @BradPaisley Saw "Welcome to the Future" vid yesterday, now I keep hearing it in my head over live Japan news coverage.
  • 14:19:30: @KelseyFireheart Sweet! I've gotten Black Lotus from Burning Snap Dragons a few times, w/Scrap Iron & Springs and Killer Tomato snacks.
  • 14:29:49: @BillWeirABC I had a lot of nuclear nightmares in high school after watching "The Day After" in social studies.
  • 15:25:27: @KelseyFireheart Ice statues> Just the basic stone Colossus model and the Boris Blackrock version (he's an ice boss).
  • 16:36:03: Tried @mtn_dew WhiteOut over the weekend - I like it! Tastes kinda like a love child of Dew LiveWire & Sierra Mist.
  • 17:15:35: Hot angry tears, "I told you so!" is useless. Frustration makes me cry, crying is embarrassing, vicious cycle.
  • 17:34:20: @arlendawneyes In private's one thing, crying at work maybe not so much. Still, thanks.
  • 17:47:47: Dear Teenager: Sometimes Mom says No to protect you from bad things happening. Please don't ignore her and do it anyway. Hurts both of us.
  • 17:50:05: @AmberTheSavior I know. I just hope he learns from it this time.
  • 17:54:22: @AmberTheSavior @arlendawneyes Tried pouring Hershey's syrup over Frosted Flakes when I was pregnant. Not as good as choc cereal sounded.
  • 18:46:41: @johnsberman Nothing against Diane, but I kinda hope there are glitches - I'd rather watch you!
  • 18:50:12: Heading home shortly. I may go visit the Gobbler King a few times to celebrate Pi Day tonight.
  • 20:06:13: @SorceressMiklai I'd bug report no seed from elder Crowns plant, Greyrose said all but Giving Tree drop one to replant then.
  • 20:32:01: @SorceressMiklai There's already a thread on official forum complaining about Magma Peas not dropping seeds at Elder

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