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From Twitter 03-15-2011

  • 00:07:39: @kevbattleblood Dry seasoned ramen? As in crunchy uncooked? I drain, then add butter & seasoning packet. Like chicken flavor spaghetti.
  • 00:08:31: @aaronlightwalk TFC = short for True Friend Code
  • 00:12:01: @aaronlightwalk I started w/horse but it's hard to see around my wizard sitting up that high. Lion/Tiger feels more "real" to me.
  • 00:15:11: @BlazeStormthief Good luck w/White Rat, mine got Myth-Proof + 3 stat talents.
  • 00:19:26: @aaronlightwalk I've got most of the for-gold mounts, fav movement style are the big cats. Horses are nice, just a little big for me.
  • 00:21:18: @aaronlightwalk Might be similar, I don't have a DS. Lets you Friend someone in W101 w/out meeting directly in-game.
  • 00:22:18: @kevbattleblood I can see munching on dry ramen as a TV snack perhaps. *nods*
  • 00:24:55: @JohnLifeglen Rats are nice, but I'd rather have the Minotaur 'buddy' Myth alt had pre-advanced pets. (He got myth proof only too.)
  • 00:28:29: Suggestions for hatching strategies to "copy" desired talents into a body that starts w/none of them? (copy pet A's talents into body B)
  • 00:34:27: @kevbattleblood So keep hatching successive offspring back to the original Talented parent? Makes sense.
  • 00:36:03: @kevbattleblood I'm heading ITS, might make a few runs before bed :) Not sleepy yet anyway.
  • 10:47:40: @FriendlyNecro Interesting blue & green bottles at her belt - mana & energy potions? (Dear KI: More +Energy gear please!)
  • 10:49:55: @dittowizard @ravenwoodradio Seems like KI frequently times big press releases just before airtime. :) *Lucky guys!*
  • 11:00:10: @kevbattleblood Any chance the Vlog might get converted to video podcasts at some point? (Or an audio one?) Would love to d/l to my Zune.
  • 11:08:51: @RogueSorcerer Next RR's scheduled for 8:30 Central Daylight tomorrow night, last I heard.
  • 11:10:57: @RogueSorcerer I've gotten Black Lotus from Burning Snap Dragons
  • 11:16:13: Right b4 the 2min mark in @Dittowizard's interview - "... new world & some new lower level zones as well." New content in existing worlds?
  • 11:32:47: Ooh! I wonder if new lvl 58 school pets means new hybrids are coming too? (Maybe next expansion if not this one yet.)
  • 11:35:21: New spells makes it even harder to decide how to spend training points on my remaining pre-Legendary wizards. #Wintertusk
  • 11:36:13: Also wondering if we can get #Wintertusk into Trending topics? (hehe!)
  • 11:49:18: I'm hoping for a mini Ice Wyvern. #Wintertusk
  • 14:09:58: @Crazytheurgist @aaronlightwalk DOT (damage over time) would be handy shield breaker for Storm, mutant fire elves don't count.
  • 14:32:34: @AlricRavenwiz Hatching already replaced most of my lvl 48 pets
  • 14:39:44: If L58 pets bring new talents, I want "May Cast Tower Shield" for Ice & "May Cast Weakness" for Balance. How about you? #petnome #Wintertusk
  • 14:41:39: @WizardsJason If the Teen talent's useful, I wouldn't give up on Spritely until Adult. But that's just me.
  • 15:11:42: @aaronlightwalk There's also @LydiaGreyrose @MerleAmbrose @MoolindaWu @W101ForParent @HaroldArgleston (mainly Greyrose & Ambrose)
  • 15:15:37: @kevbattleblood The 3/5 PVP is there, just shy of 40 mins - is that it?
  • 15:16:48: @arlendawneyes #Wintertusk side world = conjecture, "continuation of GH storyline" & GH is side world
  • 15:19:09: @MasterOfWiz101 @arlendawneyes Also from press release: "new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards."
  • 15:53:42: @RogueSorcerer I got Feints once or twice, either Deady Fly Traps or Deadly Ninja Figs (traps more likely).
  • 15:55:56: RT @LydiaGreyrose: "Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius." ~Pietro Aretino
    Tell us what you think of Wintertusk! http://bi ...
  • 16:16:33: @nickwattabc Wonder if anyone's told Guandong they've got the wrong prince?
  • 16:21:25: @johnsberman Take a closer look at "Will's" pic on that mug...
  • 16:24:27: @KelseyFireheart I've gotten Dryads from Pickles before too.
  • 23:40:48: @arlendawneyes Nightmare - closer to Fire Unicorn than death, comes w/Meteor Strike card (apparently)
  • 23:46:03: @aaronlightwalk Take a look at lvl 35 gear in Bazaar, see how much it would help you and then decide.

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