Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 03-17-2011

  • 00:31:26: @MasterOfWiz101 There's 4 garden moles - WC (Golem Ct), Krok, Mooshu & Celestia
  • 00:39:15: Been wanting an Ice Hound since Hybrids 1st released, thanks to @AlricRavenwiz I finally have one! WOOT!
  • 10:01:18: @casshexythorn I had to remind my kids this AM that it's just a joke, really pinching people could get them in trouble
  • 10:12:07: @mightymur My fav version of Mary Mac is probably Carbon Leaf's
  • 10:15:13: Actually remembered my St Pat's earrings this AM, yay! Dangly green smiley faced balls wearing black top hats, shamrocks in the hat bands.
  • 11:13:10: Green sinus headache caplets should work better today, right? Leprechauns digging up gold in my forehead above left eye.
  • 11:13:38: RT @LydiaGreyrose: Are you wearing of the green? Show your #stpatricksday spirit by dying your Wizard outfit green for a day!
  • 11:15:30: @LydiaGreyrose How about growing the green? I've got bunches of Prickly Bear Cactus and Fickle Pickles.
  • 12:52:22: RT @Syfy: Retweet this for a chance to win an iPad 2, & watch the debut of Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen this Tuesday on Syfy at 10/9c #marcel
  • 16:50:30: @bfrogstone Are you still in Sunbird hatchery? I've got a Colossus, it'll take a couple of minutes to log in. (have to close browser)

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