Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 03-19-2011

  • 16:22:37: @SorceressMiklai @dianawildheart @spiritcaller I've gotten Black Lotus from Burning Snap Dragons several times
  • 16:30:43: @EliteWizard My Storm alt has 5 Hydra TCs if you still need them. Where can we meet?
  • 16:35:59: @EliteWizard Be there in a sec, Danielle Starsong (blonde ponytail)
  • 16:41:22: @EliteWizard Could you start the trade? So many wizards here I'm not sure which one is you.
  • 19:07:16: Been so long I forget - hatch w/2 lvl 48 pets, 21 hours to hatch = hybrid or not?
  • 19:08:25: 2x Hydra/Orthrus cross got Chimerical Eggs (Myth), Hydra/Wraith cross is Symmetrical Egg (Balance), all 21hrs to hatch
  • 19:09:10: @CassDragonHeart So today's 3 for 3? Sweet!
  • 19:14:34: Looks like I've got 2 Cerberus (stone orthrus) and a Darkreaver (red undead wizard type w/hydra). Next is the talent hatching.
  • 19:25:11: @JordanSeaWiz Spell-Proof and Spell-Defying are both +x% Universal Resists, Defy is retired now so you can only get it through hatching
  • 19:26:33: @JordanSeaWiz Spell-Proof and Spell-Defying can stack for universal resist around 13-14% total
  • 19:28:25: @EliteWizard Pretty sure I've got a few Colossus cards, logging back in to look
  • 19:32:07: @EliteWizard My ice has 2 diff Colossus, not sure which you need. Where are you?
  • 19:36:56: @EliteWizard @LadyofBlades Vampire, Diego - on my way (Sierra, w/Ice Hound)
  • 19:41:50: @EliteWizard I'll second that! #twizards got me the Stormzillas for my robes awhile back so paying it forward
  • 19:47:29: RT @EliteWizard RT this if the #twizards have helped you with a crafting quest, and you ended up getting more than you asked for :D
  • 19:48:20: Oops, company's here, gotta run. Hopefully I'll be back ITS late tonight after they leave. RPG time!
  • 19:48:45: @EliteWizard Congrats!

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