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  • 01:36:08: @KelseyFireheart Not sure it's Best, but new Jade Onis are balance & can get a May Cast Hex talent
  • 01:39:14: @KelseyFireheart If you have largest Needs spells, 29 bears is do-able w/45 energy (15 each for Music, Bees & rnk 3 pests)
  • 01:41:38: @KelseyFireheart Arrange Enchanted Med Pots in 5x5 square, plus 1 extra centered along each side = 29 plants (58 energy to plant them all)
  • 01:43:42: @KelseyFireheart Add a Gnome & Pile of Sand on both sides of group to cover Likes for all the bears, plus Krok Insect Tablet if you get one
  • 10:14:29: Perfect quick breakfast - cottage cheese with honey & dash of salt & pepper. Yum!!
  • 10:16:41: @PaigeMoonShade I've got Stray Piggles & Red Gobbler, unfortunately none trained yet. Been training new Ice Hound, Cerberus & Reaver. :)
  • 10:17:37: RT @mightymur: LOL. THIS. RT @codeshaman: Oh, don't give me that. You KNEW Monday was coming. Stop acting surprised and get back to work ...
  • 10:19:42: @RobinRoberts Welcome to Twitter & thanks to you & @GMA for the fun friendly faces that start my day off right!
  • 10:26:37: @Mistheart Sunstone> Fickle Pickles, Maelstrom Snap Dragons, King Parsley all drop it
  • 10:31:47: @LukeGoldHorn LOL I've got a new Wraith w/Defender Pig genes over the weekend, also a 2 Pig cross (trying for proof/defy combo)
  • 10:34:16: @KelseyFireheart 29 bears: It's still roughly a circle, most I could get to fit inside the spell ring. (Hard to describe)
  • 10:57:43: Here's the layout I'm using for my Prickly Bear Cactus gardens (29 Med Enchanted Pots, large spell ring)
  • 11:00:43: Pots don't need to be entirely inside spell ring, as long as center of each pot (base of each plant) fits inside it works
  • 11:10:42: Use same layout for any med / small plants. (Could fit up to 69 small pots inside spell but seems to be limit on # plants it can handle.)
  • 11:13:04: For Large plants, most I've gotten in one patch is 11 or 12. (Can't put soil plots as close together as pots.)
  • 11:58:27: @kevbattleblood I also moved all my small plant patches indoors, to be sure they were on flat surfaces (ground might have been uneven)
  • 12:04:41: Some days there's not enough caffeine in the world to cope with. Usually Mondays. So much for staying focused & getting things done today.
  • 12:48:33: Whoever was looking for Balance pets - Crablings are also Balance (no clue why they get Storm Minion card)
  • 12:57:58: What I said before about staying focused? Yeah, SO not happening today!
  • 12:58:23: RT @gamezebo: 21 more followers and we hit 3000. Be a pal, tell your friends how awesome we are. :)
  • 13:06:55: OK, so maybe Native American trance music wasn't the best idea to avoid zoning out. (Stomp Dance FTW)
  • 15:09:50: @kevbattleblood Watching Vlog #2 - I've got an Ice Hound if you're interested in hatching, how about w/your Ice Bird? Maybe after work 2nite
  • 15:18:53: Do Prickly Bears "like" any other plants?
  • 15:20:35: @AlricRavenwiz I've got her to Adult already (yay Bear Megas), I forget which talents she has so far. Pips and a stat boost, I think.
  • 15:23:26: @KelseyFireheart Fickle Pickles: Up to Rank 2 pests, all 5 Needs
  • 15:24:02: @KelseyFireheart Prickly Bear Cactus: up to rank 3 pests, Music & Pollination
  • 15:24:56: @KelseyFireheart Cornbread Fruit Bush: Magic, up to rank 3 pests
  • 15:45:01: @icywiz I had a decent weekend, 3/3 hybrids worked (2 Cerberus & a Reaver), Wraith/DefPig & Ice Hound/Pig mix also went as hoped (not pigs)
  • 15:47:00: @icywiz Sadly, no luck with DefPig to mix super-Frostcaller (got another Pig) or Pet Egg attempt (got a Dragon)
  • 15:53:36: Anyone got Balance pet w/Spritely and +dmg/BalBlade/Hex for future mix with Reaver once trained? (my Hydra/Orthrus both had junk talents)
  • 15:54:51: Reaver body's strangely adorable, next step is building one that's also useful.
  • 16:04:43: @KelseyFireheart I'll post others as I run into them. Thanks for all your hard work collecting all the garden info in one place.
  • 16:06:18: @FallonStormWiz Hex sounds good, still haven't quite got Reaver to Adult yet but might tonight if Bears cooperate dropping Megas.
  • 16:26:22: @FallonStormWiz I'm low on cash too, Dr. Purreau's adding a new ward to the Hatchery after what #twizards paid him this weekend!
  • 16:44:58: Question for the master hatchers: Has anyone ever had more than one May Cast talent manifest in the same pet? Or is it Limit 1 per pet?
  • 16:48:37: I'm wondering if it's even possible to get Spritely & another May Cast (trap blade or shield) talent in the same pet at the same time.
  • 16:49:44: Yay! I'd never seen more than 1 so didn't know if it'd work, but was hoping.
  • 16:54:03: @SirWinterbreeze In same pet's fine, both in same turn would be super-sweet. (I've seen up to 3 consecutive Spritelys from 1 pet.)
  • 17:36:20: RT @ZUNE: The FINAL episode of ‘The Cape’ was never aired on TV, but you can get in the Marketplace! Watch now:
  • 17:39:49: @FallonStormWiz Ooh, I've got an untrained Def Pig somewhere that hatched with that Spinyfish, I think. (Hard to keep track of 'em all!)
  • 19:14:58: @Deathshard Cloud o'Bugs is the ONLY talent that allows a pet to cast an attack spell as an intterupt, independent of its wizard
  • 19:28:08: @SirWinterbreeze @Deathshard Really? I thought those gave the card, not cast it on their own.
  • 22:01:48: @KelseyFireheart Pink Dandelions: Max rank 1 pests, need water & pollination
  • 22:08:42: @FallonStormWiz I've got that Reaver up to adult when ever you're ready to hatch please (it got Pips & Spirited)
  • 22:17:07: Anyone have Spritely/Iceblade or Spritely/Icetrap combo to hatch w/Ice Hound? (Spritely/Balanceblade would also work)
  • 22:18:02: @JordanSeaWiz They haven't said but most likely WT is sideworld, they said quests for both high & low levels coming
  • 22:28:13: @JordanSeaWiz They probably are, it's just nowhere near ready yet.

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