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Star Songs

March 23rd, 2011

From Twitter 03-22-2011 @ 03:18 am

  • 10:59:57: @aaronlightwalk I've mostly left old homes alone, reused a few items, tho I did gut & sell one to make room for crafting a Watchtower Hall.
  • 11:02:15: @PaigeMoonShade Moonlight Pony is black stallion w/Moon on its rump, like Starlight Pony is a Chestnut w/purple stars. My Little Mounts?
  • 11:03:02: @PaigeMoonShade Wow! What have you been farming to get 300K in one day?
  • 11:33:50: Legendary Necromancers, could you give my Death GM some tips for starting Astral spells please? He's got 2 points at lvl 50, ice to Tower.
  • 11:35:18: Tend to play Wraith/Scarecrow combo deck almost exclusively, really haven't used straight damage spells since mid-Mooshu. Full GM gear.
  • 11:52:13: RT @Syfy: Retweet this for a chance to win an iPad 2, & watch the debut of Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen TONIGHT on Syfy at 10/9c #marcel
  • 11:53:44: @PaigeMoonShade Star are the personal domes, yes? So Fortify (+resist) and hold the other point for now?
  • 11:54:27: @FriendlyNecro Which Moon ones? And are they still useful at Legendary?
  • 11:57:23: General Astral question: Do you have to get any Moon spells in order, or just be high enough level? (I know Treant at least is independent.)
  • 12:21:16: @casshexythorn Don't forget Elemental Blades and Traps, and any Life healing spells you might want. (Sprite or Satyr)
  • 12:24:17: @casshexythorn If you PVP Diego's got stun/crit block Star spell
  • 13:56:57: @FriendlyNecro Are Elemental Moons a separate training line from the Gobbler - Dracon line? Or would I need thru Dracon first to get them?
  • 15:36:28: @Beau_Hindman Can we make Sims Medieval your next Choose My Adventure? *evil laugh*
  • 17:20:18: Adult Cerberus (pips/Tenacious) ready to hatch, looking for Spritely, may cast Myth blade/trap, paingiver. Other hound form a bonus.
  • 19:28:55: @KelseyFireheart Hmm, 9 hours & change is April 1st.
  • 19:31:09: @arlendawneyes @Panglou No, 9 days from today is the night of March 31st, plus 14-odd hours is the morning of April 1st.
  • 19:33:11: @Anime_Johnist Firecat Statue is a white stone firecat, Obsidian Firecat (I think it is) is the newer style black one w/flames
  • 19:37:49: My guess on what's coming? Eggbert, the Easter - er, Spring Festival vendor.
  • 20:29:36: @kevbattleblood @FallonStormWiz @CassDragonHeart Any of you guys need utility trading cards for TPC? I need to dump some.
  • 20:34:36: @Beau_Hindman @cendres Directions from the Sims Medieval FAQ for getting bonus goodies http://support.ea.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4960
  • 20:36:18: @Beau_Hindman You're welcome, thanks Google! (searched for "sims medieval register code")

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Star Songs