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Star Songs

March 24th, 2011

From Twitter 03-23-2011 @ 03:14 am

  • 10:12:37: @RobinRoberts I always wondered if you did a second live show for the west coast, sorry to have it confirmed under sad circumstances.
  • 10:13:26: RT @GMA: Good morning to the west coast. We are live on the passing of Elizabeth Taylor.
  • 10:29:44: Re:W101 countdown: Remember @FriendlyNecro's April surprise last year? http://bit.ly/aZG0f0 And the year before that? http://bit.ly/fPrHxJ
  • 11:17:49: Lookin' at you Wild Bolters! RT @KillTenRats PvP balance ruins overpowered PvE fun. ... too many fun classes ruined by PvP related nerfs.
  • 12:50:16: Prof.Greyrose commented on @FriendlyNecro's Countdown blog post with a "None of the above :)" Even more intriguing!
  • 14:42:29: @FallonStormWiz Heading ITS now :)
  • 14:49:09: @JohnLifeglen @IcyWiz Sorry, no - I don't have a clue what a gamemaker is or what you guys have been talking about.
  • 16:39:07: @JohnLifeglen Thanks for asking but no, my schedule's not flexible enough for events. Still doesn't explain what Hunger Games is though.
  • 16:53:01: @ZuneSupport Replaced our networked media drive (Vista/Zune30), same drive letter as before, won't save/sync podcasts & some songs now.
  • 16:54:32: @ZuneSupport Tried wiping device content & resync, no luck. Updated Marketplace software, still no good. Going into podcast withdrawal.
  • 17:05:55: @ZuneSupport I'm at work now, I'll give it a shot tonight & get back to you. Thanks!
  • 17:07:47: Sorry about all the pollen folks, blame it on the Prickly Bears & Pink Dandelions.
  • 17:42:15: @arlendawneyes Would you be interested in hatching that Fierce Hound with a Woodland Haunter some time? (undead Treant pet)

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Star Songs