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Star Songs

March 25th, 2011

From Twitter 03-24-2011 @ 03:14 am

  • 10:26:34: @ZuneSupport Same tracks still refuse to sync, and it deleted all my ratings/played data so favorites autoplaylist is useless.
  • 10:27:51: @ZuneSupport It also unsubscribed my podcasts. Hubby fixed those by giving me superuser access to our media drive, but that didn't help sync
  • 10:31:22: @dianawildheart Baby carrots cry and whine a lot just like any baby, whether they need something or they're just bored. :)
  • 10:33:00: @aaronlightwalk I love the Storm Shark sound w/headphones - "dun DUN, dun DUN, dun DUN dun DUN" from Jaws is in there!
  • 11:28:47: I need a vacation, big-time. Don't have to go anywhere, as long as it's not at work. Feeling uber-rundown and burnt out.
  • 12:03:45: Sweet! RT @AlricRavenwiz: Check Ravenwood News Wizard101 now accepts Paypal as a way to purchase crowns and memberships.
  • 12:13:48: Dear Twitter: I do NOT want to follow Charlie Sheen, I don't care what he says. Stop suggesting him already!
  • 12:29:58: Boss says no vacations next week (auditors are coming) but I'm off the first week after that. Woot!!
  • 15:09:56: @ZuneSupport Yes, it's a networked 1-terabyte hard drive. Sync by USB cable to my laptop, accessing shared drive over home wireless.
  • 15:25:30: @AlricRavenwiz So ... don't get Bugs if you're a balance wizard. *Everything* uses your blades & traps. Only carry wand for pips, can't use.
  • 15:27:13: @jaketapper I know "kinetic" refers to things moving, didn't know it had any military connotation in particular.
  • 15:28:33: Somewhat like the current Wild Bolt, Cloud o'Bugs seems to be a double-edged sword. It's great or it stinks, random which you get each time.
  • 15:30:47: @ZuneSupport Not sure, I'll have to check w/husband when I get home. Already added Zune.exe to Windows Firewall allow list.
  • 15:33:36: @kevbattleblood Probably a lot more useful for lower level wizards than GM/Legendary, before we rely so much on buff setup.
  • 15:35:04: @SirWinterbreeze Congrats on the Spritely Egg!
  • 15:59:35: Good news, everyone! Futurama getting a full 26 episodes for Season 7! http://dlvr.it/LLPpG
  • 17:07:56: @aaronlightwalk @dianawildheart No Auction = can't sell it in the Bazaar, No Trade = can't put it in your Shared Bank
  • 17:10:22: @AmberTheSavior 1 Gigabyte = 1000 Megabytes, I think
  • 20:27:59: @TheActiveNecro Watch @kevbattleblood Vlog #1 for Lotus hunting tips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDPwdyYxUHE
  • 21:06:44: @MythspentYouth Make it comfortable to walk indefinitely without pain or fatigue. (arthritis in my ankles)
  • 21:15:54: Found out oldest son has been hiding a Storm Beetle in his backpack, talked him into training it to Adult so I can try for Rain Beetle.
  • 21:17:40: He got 2/2 on stat talents, but at least it's a rare body type. Next up, take him gold farming.
  • 21:19:43: @icywiz Yep that's where he got it, sorry now I passed it up back then. (Has it really been 2 whole years??)
  • 21:22:14: @ZuneSupport The 'missing' tracks were actually missing files, somehow they didn't get copied to new drive. (Folder was there but empty)
  • 21:23:53: @ZuneSupport Hubby hadn't re-synced his Zune since before drive crash, sync'd it as guest & copied lost songs from his device back to drive.

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Star Songs