Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 03-28-2011

  • 10:55:55: @kevbattleblood I'm thinking countdown is the planned release date for the rest of the new hybrids. (If 2 got loose early.)
  • 11:01:08: Wishing "Feeling Weak" talent was May Cast Weakness instead of giving a Weakness card, that w/Spritely would be Awesome!
  • 13:52:51: @aaronlightwalk Barking Up the Wrong Tree
  • 14:04:47: @icywiz Guilds would definitely be a HUGE change to W101, and one I'd never considered.
  • 14:09:53: @PaigeMoonShade @SirWinterbreeze I'd go for a second ring (we've got two hands) or a belt you can give a pet talent to. (Spritely belt!)
  • 14:13:28: Ooh, not belts - pet collars! If you can't hatch the talent you want, buy it in a collar and put it on your pet!
  • 14:16:06: @SirWinterbreeze Either crowns or GM Artisan crafted. Costs energy to take collar off a pet (like taking pet from shared bank).
  • 14:27:23: @PaigeMoonShade Just posted on the W101 board, hopefully it'll get approved. Thanks!
  • 15:40:33: @FinandQuinn As long as raids were optional, sure, they might be ok once in awhile. I prefer solo challenges in general over group play.
  • 15:42:25: @FinandQuinn The various school dispels remove pips already. How about pip stealing instead?
  • 15:44:09: @FinandQuinn KI made the Malistaire run solo-able awhile back, I've done it a couple of times. Not easy by any means, but it's possible.
  • 15:45:42: @FinandQuinn CL Crabs are throwing storm lords just outside base camp, not surprised Regenerate/Rebirth are around too.
  • 15:48:02: @FinandQuinn Oh, I agree the main instances are all probably a lot easier in groups, but they're at least possible (no matter how unlikely).
  • 17:03:09: @FinandQuinn Like those 90% tower shields, the final bosses have around a 90% crit block. I've had maybe one or two get through at most.
  • 17:09:02: @AlricRavenwiz @KelseyFireheart I got a Reaver last week from Hydra/Wraith cross, didn't even realize Central had them switched somehow.
  • 22:15:31: @FriendlyNecro Central's definitely wrong. Reaver = Hydra & Wraith is all I know.

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