Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 01:06:44: @FallonStormWiz Reaver/Jade Oni mix is 2 for 2, tonight got Hex at Adult. Thanks again!!
  • 10:12:40: @icywiz Stormy's right, two Storm Beetles will always produce a Rain Beetle offspring.
  • 10:14:23: @icywiz Storm Beetle mixed with anything else looks like either a Rain Beetle or copy of the other parent
  • 10:19:54: RT @kevbattleblood: #Petnome Project Mount Giveaway Contest, April 1 instructions:
  • 11:39:39: @spiritcaller Whoa, and you guys have got a LOT of precedent to live up to! Didn't you give away a year's subscription once? What's bigger?!
  • 11:40:43: @CassDragonHeart Sorry about the question avalanche last show, I'm still amazed you used them all!
  • 11:42:52: @PaigeMoonShade Megasnacks just speed up the training process, they don't affect what will manifest - that's preset when pet is created.
  • 11:45:45: @icywiz I've only gotten rank 2 & 3 bug TCs as drops (mostly farming fishbots in CL), don't know if higher's available for crowns.
  • 11:47:32: @icywiz If you're high enough level gardener & just need quick cash, farm the Burning Hate mobs in DS Plaza of Conquests & sell their loot.
  • 20:18:29: @CassDragonHeart Already? Over an hour to showtime.

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